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  • 1993: Establishment of the company in Gembloux.
  • 1996: Implementation of MD Medical workshop. Maintenance – repair of surgical instruments is proposed to partners.
  • 2011: Management taken up by Marie-Hélène Van Eyck and Laurent Blaimont.
  • 2012: Certification of the quality assurance system ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.
  • 2013: Laser marking equipment.
  • 2016: Relocation to Namur (Vedrin) at the current offices.
  • 2017: Launching of the Partnership with the manufacturer MEDICON.

In 25 years, MD Medical developed a unique DNA. Created upon the closure of the Belgian Manufacturer of Gembloux (the instruments D. Simal), the company focused on the expertise of its founders: surgical instruments. Even now, our company capitalizes on its in-depth knowledge of the world of surgical devices.